Benefits of CAFTT's accredited parental aliention training

A short post on CAFTT's intensive courses

Welcome to CAFTT

You’re probably here because you clicked on a link, followed your curiosity after seeing promotional material, or were referred to us. You may be a professional or family member looking for information or considering attending one of our courses.

We will be releasing more courses during the year, but for now, we provide our Attachment-Led Theory and Practice in Parental Alienation, 'PA1.'

Parental alienation is an extremely complex topic. We provide 14 hours of 16 intensive lectures to bring students up to a high degree of theoretical and practical working knowledge.   


Why train with us?

We are registered learning providers with structured and accredited training in parental alienation.

Parental alienation is not adequately taught in mental health curricula. To become proficient requires an adequate amount of relevant, theoretical information that can be usefully applied within a tested methodology.

Learning information about parental alienation can be very difficult and time-consuming. Most have to learn this topic by self-research. Internet searches in parental alienation, and even journal articles, can produce a range of contradictory information.  You need a course that’s structured, available round the clock, where the theory and methodology content has been successfully tested in the field.

PA1 condenses all a proficient person needs to know into structured and independently approved learning, all in one place, that can be studied intensely, saving what could otherwise be weeks of frustration. The benefits of PA1 in terms of time saved, avoiding the many pitfalls, and developing strategies that may help in preventing, arresting or overcoming disaster could make PA1 a valuable investment in supporting the psychological health and connections of your family and services' users.

Where the mental health of children and families are concerned, there's no time to waste on unproductive activity.

PA1 gives motivated family members all they need to self-identify and self-resolve their related issues.

Professional requirements are tied into policies which can change very quickly, perhaps suddenly obliging new competences. Also, we can be faced with new challenges, especially when interacting with children. It could be that you're a professional suddenly faced with a case where a child is presenting with resist, refuse, or reject behaviours towards one of their parents. Perhaps you’re concerned about your professional conduct potentially causing iatrogenic harm to a child, and the rest of their family. Where this type of parental manipulation is ongoing, the mental health effects on children can increase rapidly, and the child's psychological welfare may well be on borrowed time.

Professionals can use PA1 to demonstrate to their service users, clients and management that they have not only a requisite degree of knowledge, but theoretical competence, by achieving our Continued Professional Development Certification.

CAFTT Updates

CAFTT are committed to three-month reviews of any course we produce. PA1, for instance, took several months of research, planning, filming and editing, such that we had to update the content during production. We envisage releasing an update video for every course at three-month intervals. Our intention is to provide periodic updates of content at no extra cost for our students for at least two years.

CAFFT reduced consultancy fees

CAFTT clients will receive a 25% discount on consultancies.


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