History and services of Child and Family Trauma Training


Child and Family Trauma Training is an initiative set up under Attachment and Forensic Services Ltd (AFS).

I'm Stuart Graham, the director of AFS/CAFTT. I was a family court service user for 16 years. I’ve also coached dozens of family members through what can often be the inimical and traumatic processes of family court. I have a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Attachment Studies. I'm upgrading again, but have also undertaken extensive Continued Professional Development (CPD) to specialise in research, assessment and resolution of difficult cases in private family law courts. To assist everyday people maintain their mental health I've written two 5* rated books about what can be the poor functioning of the family court system, under the pseudonym Stuart Hontree. They're temporarily off-sale for updating.

I've supported another expert in reuniting severely alienated children with their targeted parents and conducted more reunifications as part of assessments as a family court expert witness.

CAFTT was formed to address shortcomings in high-quality, intensive mental health training for professionals and families, aimed at improving child development and welfare through attachment principles and neuropsychology.  Our courses are prepared by an expert production team with our own bespoke, streamlined process and presentation - satisfying professional accreditation standards. 

Professionals such as social workers are obliged to undertake CPD every year. Other professionals may need specialised CPD before transferring their skills effectively to the family court. Our courses satisfy the standards required for such professionals. We can negotiate discounts for bulk purchases. Courses on the site can also be delivered in person by arrangement. We not only provide the courses presented on the site but are able to prepare bespoke courses to order.

Our CPD-Accredited Attachment-Led Theory and Practice in Parental Alienation (PA1) course provides a structured and thorough grounding for a very complex issue. We started with parental alienation because it is an extremely challenging and problematic, specialist area of mental health, family functioning, social policy and law. Understanding the mental health and systemic issues in such a complex subject as parental alienation could equip professionals to operate more effectively in other areas of child protection and welfare. Parental alienation has been the expert preserve of far too few professionals – it’s our aim to embed this expertise further. Also, some of the traditional approaches of parental alienation do not adequately put across just how serious and urgent for children and families this particular mental health issue is, so we’ve updated the material.

Our training provides intensive, self-paced learning and multiple-choice assessment to achieve CPD Certification. PA1 benefits from research insights by some of the world's top experts, anonymised case studies, and effective, updated theory. PA1 covers 16 lectures and around 14 hours of relevant, high-quality content, so it’s excellent value for money. PA1 is aimed at family members in the early stages of parental alienation, to swiftly and intensively educate with important information that would otherwise take far too long to achieve. It's also intended to inform professionals and upgrade skills so they can assist families earlier and more effectively than is often currently the case.

The course is open access, for families as well as professionals. Periodic updates will be provided for free. You can enrol here.